About Salkin

Salkin, a name you can trust.

We live by this ethos at Salkin. Our products enhance modern technology by increasing longevity and making them stronger. Our aim is to create beautiful products that are not only functional and of the highest quality, they are also highly fashionable in their own right.

Our power solutions are CE and RoHS compliant and our screen shields are SGS Laboratory tested – these are world recognised standards. Our products are rigorously tested across the board to bring you safe, reliable solutions that enable you to get even more out of all the modern technology modern life has to offer. That’s why Salkin is one of the market leaders in the accessory and technology market.

Salkin products offer solutions for life in the 21st Century, from our team of designers to the manufacturing processors, all the way up to the CEO; our products help people in all walks of life.

Mobile Phone Protection

Mobile phones really are marvels, not only in how they function, but also how they look with their sleek designs that companies spend billions of dollars on to bring to the consumer. Some of the latest models can leave you over £500 out of pocket, but as brilliant as they are, they’re dangerously susceptible to scratches, being dropped and the general wear and tear of life. At Salkin we believe that protection for your mobile devices, from phones to tablets, should not be something that spoils the aesthetics of your beautiful new mobile phone. We believe that our products can not only make your devices even more pleasing to the eye, but personal to you. Take a look at our range of cases, we have executive leather book cases, fashionable back cases and strong reinforced cases.

Emergency Charge

Devices use a lot of energy through day-to-day use so, sometimes, a single charge per day is not enough. A lot the time you will find yourself in situations or places where it’s impossible to recharge your device. This is where Salkin products can keep you connected. We have multiple head cables, so your friends with different models are not caught short either, power banks and car chargers that can fit in your pocket ready for when you need them. All of our power banks are. Take a look at our power accessories to see which product suits you best.

Touch Screen Protection

Today’s modern mobile phones are primarily touchscreen devices, with predominately glass screens. As functional and dynamic as they are, they are not without their problems. Whether your screen is covered in fingerprints, smudges, scratches or worse – smashed – or you are worried about prying eyes taking in your personal details over your shoulder – Salkin Screen Shields have you covered.

Our range of screen shields protect against a multitude of problems so you can stop having to continuously wipe your screen or having to pay huge bills when you damage it – buy a Screen Shield and allow it to do all the work.


Smudges, dirt and germs are not limited to just mobile phones. Your sat nav, monitors, tablets other items you keep in the car also get covered in them.

TinyPad reusable antibacterial screen cleaning pads offer the solution. Not only are they reusable and washable, they have a specifically designed surface on the back to adhere to your devices. They are ready for use when you need them most and available in four sizes to fit the smallest to the largest of screens.

Mobile Radiation

Living in a time where there is massive dependency upon electronic devices, we find it hard to live without them. Due to this dependency, and as we rely on them more and more, an existence without them would be almost impossible. However, new technology is not without it is dangers. Human and laboratory studies on the effects of microwave radiation emitted from devices such as mobile phones have uncovered some negative effects like increased susceptibility to cancers, memory loss and stress to name a few.

As an increasing number of children and adults are using hand held technology, we feel that the effect of mobile radiation is too high a risk to be left to chance, or luck.


Radblock is a patented product that research has shown reduces mobile radiation by up to 97.04% SAR (Standard Absorption Rate). This ground-breaking product reduces the amount of radiation absorbed by the human body, whilst having no overall effect on the general day-to-day use of the device. It is small (slightly thicker than a product label), lightweight and very easy to use. Why risk possible harmful effects? Radblock is an affordable solution to cutting mobile phone radiation.

We are pioneering new products all the time, our design team makes sure everything we release, not only stands up to what life can throw at it, but also looks amazing. Take a look at our online shop to learn more about all that Salkin has to offer.

Many of our products are available with an antibacterial function.

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