Radiation Absorber For Mobile Phones


  • Reduces up to 97.04% (S.A.R)
  • Laboratory Tests Prove it works
  • Easy to Install and Light Weight
  • Tested in an Approved Laboratory
  • Patent Pending and Design Protected
  • Size 4.8cm x 2.5cm
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Product Description

The ultra-thin product manufactured with special materials can reduce harmful effects from the signals related to a mobile phone. The Product can be placed anywhere on the back of the mobile, in mobile phones the antenna can be situated in different parts of the mobile, The product can be placed at the middle of back of the mobile. Some users place the product on the back of the battery or on the back of the mobile phone, this does not effect the performance of the product. To place it on the battery is preferred by some users to not show the product so to keep it concealed.

Mobile phones

Electro Magnetic Radiation (E.M.R) can penetrate 2cm into the adult brain but can penetrate even further in children. Roger Coghill (a specialist in bioelectromagnetics, who runs an independent laboratory in Gwent) studied mobile phone users and found that around 40% of people complained of headaches and then of feeling extremely tired.

Their reaction times also started to fall off. After 14 months to two years he reported some users will start to develop leukaemia. His research has also showed that a seven-and-a-half hour exposure to a mobile phone on stand-by (turned on but not speaking) caused a serious degradation of the white blood cells (the cells that fight disease). (


The Radblock Protector has been tested in Internationally Approved Laboratory, in which tests were conducted and showed test results which confirm the product is proven to work.


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